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Jan 31 2018

Visio Custom Stencils, Shapes And Add-on Software Developer

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Visual Solutions to Complex Business and Technical Problems

Since 1997, Visimation has been the premier resource for users of Microsoft® Visio, a powerful, easy to use, and highly customizable drawing and diagramming program. Visio is an ideal program for creating visual 2D documentation at a much lower cost than traditional CAD systems. It is capable of producing superior presentation level vector artwork as well as simple flow and schematic diagrams for a broad variety of business applications. Visio also can be customized through an advanced API (Application Programming Interface) to automate tasks such as design calculations, drawing production, bill of materials, submittals, proposals, workflow management, and much more.


Visimation’s Visio custom solutions serve many industries, especially manufacturers of products that are assembled into systems for networking, building controls, security, furniture, aerospace, and more. We can simultaneously solve multiple business problems through visual automation to improve accuracy, efficiency, consistency, and communications… more business, fewer errors.


Shapes: Visimation produces Visio icon/shape libraries with the highest graphic quality and smart programmed behaviors to accelerate the drawing process while creating compelling visual results.

Automation: Visimation integrates graphics and data to deliver drawing automation programs ranging from simple bill of materials generation to comprehensive design and proposal applications.


While most of our work involves custom graphics and software development, we also offer a range of pre-made and generic Visio based products including add-ons, stencils, and templates.

For technical drawing tasks, don’t start from scratch… start with our Visio content.

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