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Jun 17 2017

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jean london says:

if u all would open ur eyes, u will see that the plane in the 3d rendering is at least 20 times larger than the one in the actual photograph. if u wanted proof u could measure different points of reference along the wings and fusalage, but it should be fairly obvious .even to the Russians ..

Poor Russians, may your God have mercy and end your pitiful lives soon.

[. ] Link for all you people who think DFP isn t serious business. [. ]

[. ] que jamás se hayan visto, pero muchas otras jamás vieron el combate. Entre ellas se encuentra el superbombardero soviético K-7, diseñado por Konstatin Kalinin el cual podría haberse convertido en una parte clave de las [. ]

[. ] In diesem Zusammenhang fragte ich mich natürlich, was denn aus der aktuell in Produktion befindlichen finnischen Raumnazi-Dokumentation Iron Sky (siehe 11k2 oder telepolis) geworden ist. Und siehe da, ich lese zu meiner grossen Freude, dass parallel zum Film über die Nazis auf dem Mond auch ein Adventuregame namens Iron Sky: Operation Highjump entsteht. Wobei die Operation Highjump wirklich 1946 statttfand und 13 Schiffe und 4700 Seeleute der US Navy in die Antarktis sandte (pic unten). Angeblich, um dort ein Manöver abzuhalten. Wir wissen natürlich, dass es in Wirklichkeit darum ging, die Ufo-Startbasis auf Neu-Schwabenland zu exterminieren. Zu spät, wie jedem von euch klar sein dürfte. Und alles, weil Kalinin versagt hat? ( via englishrussia) [. ]

[. ] Here are some amazingly realistic pieces of CG concept art that are truly incredible. These images are based on plans from the 1930 s, but were never built. Notice the detail on the saucer including the gun turrets. Very cool post from [. ]

[. ] bu örnekler ise büyük uçak fikrinin nerelere gittiğinin bir göstergesi Devamı için English Russia a [. ]

An advanced aircraft of the Soviet Union with its three-man crew landed in San Jacinto, California a few miles from March Field (later March Air Force Base). 1937 was the year, definitely before World War II. Soviet aircraft designers and builders would be highly motivated to produce impressive and colossal airplanes as an expression of the abilities of the political and economic system of that time, especially with a wary eye cast to the rise of German military power as of 1933.

i just came to knew that there are also huge flyers like from your post. Excellent designing, well layed interior all-over it was good to know about this flyer.

Super Mario Bros. had a Flying Fortress

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wow thats what you call a big plane,

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Now that s how you build a ship!
Go Russia!

Since some people seem to confuse the facts, let s get this straight:
1. Those pictures are mixed between fantasy 3D CGI and photos of the actuak K-7 airplane. The real pictures are the second picture, the second-from-last picture, and the last pictures. The rest are imaginative CGI. (Yes, of course the gun turrets and the nazi flying saucers are imaginative CGIs.)
2. K-7 airplane actually EXISTED. It did crashed and killed people in the test flight. (Of course the gun turrets and the nazi flying saucers are not real!)
3. The size is NOT impossible. K-7 airplane s dimension is 28m x 53m (which is 91ft x 173ft). This is SMALLER than Airbus A380-800, which is 72m x 79 m (which is 238ft x 261 ft.) Of course, the Airbus 380-800 DOES fly.
4. And for those dissing Russia, realize that the Russian Antonov An-225 is even bigger than the Airbus A380-800, and the An-225 was completed decades ago, during soviet times. It totally flies.

Ivan Romanov says:

The various comments here about Russia have led me to a few musings
(1) The recent war bewteen Russia and Georgia started when Georgia invaded South Ossetia. We did not invade them until they started it. We simply had peace keepers there for 10 years previously to help prevent such a war. 30 of those peace keepers were killed during the initial invasion by Georgia. And yet, Russia is cast as the evil aggressor. As far as Georgian president Saakahvili is concerned, he knew very well that the entire Russian 58th. army was on maneuvers just outside of North Ossetia, and in a very close position to defend South Ossetia if necessary. So why did he invade? Well, the first statement he made was to try to get the USA involved because we help you in Iraq ! He apparently wanted a larger war so he could enlarge his country and get re-elected.

(2) Recently, Russia has played a different, potentially positive role in warming a frozen conflict between Moldova and its breakaway region of Transdnestr. Transdnestr declared its independence from Moldova during the breakup of the Soviet Union. The brief war that ensued was quickly stopped by Russian forces, which remain in the territory as peacekeepers.

This is quoted from an article by By Lyndon Allin and Matthew Rojansky. Lyndon Allin is a Washington-based lawyer who served as IREX embassy policy specialist in Moldova from 2008 to 2009. Matthew Rojansky is deputy director of the Russia and Eurasia program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

(3) As far as Russian women go, do not buy the old Soviet-USA propaganda. Just be in St. Petersburg at noon when the girls go out for food from their jobs. It s like 100 modeling agencies left out for lunch!

Ivan Romanov says:

Oh, and as far as the K-7 goes, who cares? lol I mean, you are argueing over an impossibility to prove either way. It s like argueing about politics or religion. You can never win because the other guy won t change his mind and neither will you!

Russia. It is America fighting u .Retaliate and u will surely be in a big trouble with America.How many of ur planes have been downed now and your innocent people.Fight back ,show us something u are capable of doing not to brag on a 1930 day dream machine .We will join u .We don t have jobs and our power is always waisted.Coward big boy.

Well, Russia can boast of having several Space vehicles capable of transporting astronautes to and from the International Space Station. How many does the US hve? That will be none. America had two of its Space Shuttles crash and burn. They invested all their eggs in one basket and that basket was very flawed. Russia had the sense to design many and have a program that could take over any ole time. America is like a whining baby. They want their way and only their way. They are though in reality a declining power. The same forces which brought down the Soviet Union are at work on the US. Only that collapse lead to Freedom and a Federation. With America the result is far more likely to result in Fascism and Opression.

America does real well fighting against 5th rate militaries of 3rd world countries. America has never been up against a formidable enemy since WWII. And it was the Soviets who crushed the Germans and surrounded and shelled Berlin. As was America plan o save its own men.

America fears Russia far more than it dit the Soviet Union.As Russia has great resources, the best in the world. And now Russia has Freedom to use the greatest resources of all to its great advantage. Her People.
Russia need not confront the US, as it is doing a wonderful job destroying itself from within both financially and morally.

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