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Feb 28 2018

Must-Have Supplies for Online Students

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Must-Have Supplies for Online Students

While it s obvious that you ll need a desktop or laptop computer. access to the internet, a mic and the proper updated plug-ins to be successful in an online class, there are other simple devices that can benefit you as well. Continue reading to find out what these devices are.

One of the most important items you ll need to invest in is a sturdy, yet comfortable office chair. According to studies, on average a full-time student will spend 12 to 18 hours per week viewing lectures online. It can get pretty tiresome. And while laying on your bed or a couch setting might seem more comfortable, the truth of the matter is that you can get too comfortable and risk taking a quick cat nap when you really need to be studying. The best way to prevent this is to study in a firm chair. But not all office chairs are designed for extensive periods of sitting. Get one that has some arm rests, make sure that you adjust the chair so your feet touch the ground and you are at a good eye level with your computer to reduce strain on your neck, and place a pillow near the small of your back if you happen to experience a lot of back-pain from sitting for extended periods of time.

Another simple device that all online students need is a good pair of headphones. While yes your computer most likely has built-in speakers for audio, there will be moments when you ll find yourself having to study in a noisy environment like a coffee shop or an incredibly quiet environment like when your family/roommates are sleeping late at night. These are the times headphones will most definitely come in handy. Headphones can even be ideal for when you re studying on the go. If you are not a fan of the typical ear-bud headphones (like the ones commonly used with iPods) then go ahead and invest in some in-ear headphones. Rather than resting in the canal, these are placed in the bowl of your ear. Thus, they stay in place, release less outside noise (meaning others can t hear what you are listening to) and most importantly they are incredibly comfortable.

Lastly, it s probably best that you invest in an external hard drive if you don t already have one. This is because all of your class notes, assignments and other projects will consume most of your storage space. This will make your computer run a lot slower. And if you share a computer with other family members or a roommate, you don t want to risk someone accidently deleting your files.

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