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Jun 22 2018

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Activity monitoring systems

These systems are designed to automatically check your well being on a regular basis. Some rely on you pressing a button once or twice a day. If you do not press the button a call centre will ring you to check you are ok.

Alternatively some of these devices can log your daily activities in your home and provide a chart of your activity via the internet. Small, wireless sensors are triggered as you move around your home. A carer or relative can therefore see if you have not gone into your kitchen all day, or have gone out and not returned. If they have any concerns after viewing this data they can ring you or visit you to check you are ok or offer assistance.

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Some of these systems rely on a carer or relative checking the monitored persons activities via a website and noticing any worrying changes, such as no movement in the kitchen all day. Other systems can alert a carer or relative via text messages, emails or via a monitoring centre that constantly analysis the sensor data and contacts a carer or relative if changes are detected. These systems do NOT take photographs or video images of the user being monitored, they simply detect movement in specific rooms, or actions such as a door being opened.

Some systems require the payment of ongoing running costs or monitoring fees on top of the initial equipment cost. There may be rental options which include the monitoring fee. Alternatively, some systems have no ongoing costs apart from the cost of text messages sent to carers.

These systems are NOT telecare systems and consequently there are important safety features that these units will not provide. For example, they may NOT connect to a call centre which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There may be concerns about the ethical implications of installing this type of equipment, and how it may affect the privacy of the individual. For more information click on this link for our advice on ethics and telecare.

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