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Sep 30 2017

Human Resources Manager Resume Sample – HR Manager Resume Example #human #resources #resume #sample, #human #resources #manager #resume #sample


This is a free sample of a human resource manager resume. This job titled also HR Manager, Human Resource Specialist or Human Resource Manager.
Feel free to copy-paste it and edit it in any way you like.

General Job description:
Human resource managers direct the company’s human resources: Recruiting new employees, interviewing applicants, administer compensation and benefits, and organize professional training. They also establish and reinforce employee duties and policies, wages and working conditions.

HR, Human Resources Manager Resume Example

Full Name
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  • HR manager with proven career track of making positive organizational change, increasing employee satisfaction, production and retention.
  • Over ten years’ experience in directing full scale human resources operation.
  • Performance management: Appraisals and promotion.
  • Recruiting: Oversee interviewing, selecting and hiring process.
  • Arranging new-employee orientation.
  • Familiarizing new employees with organizational culture, values and goals.
  • Executing change management and long and short term management strategies.
  • Organizing professional development courses.
  • Administering workforce.

Career Objective – Maintain and enhance human resources productively in an organization, developing strong manpower, identifying talent and deploying professional development programs in order to achieve organizational goals and fulfill employees’ needs.

■ Core Competencies:

  • Active listening | Critical thinking | Tact and diplomacy
  • A People-Person | Persuasive | Excellent inter-personal communication skills
  • Counseling and management skills

■ Professional Work Experience

ABC Corporation Lynn, MA 2005 – Present
Human Resources Manager HR Executive

Supervising of the development, administration and implementation of all HR functions, such as: interviewing, recruitment, appraisals, training and professional development, benefits, and associate relations activities.

  • Analyzed staffing requirement and directed the recruitment process Instructed management regarding effective interviewing techniques using human resources methods.
  • Conducted interviews for all management positions and issued hiring recommendations.
  • Assisted newly-recruited and existing staff and provided them with information regarding their wages and company policies.
  • Organized introduction programs for newly recruited staff to motivate and educate them concerning organizational goals.
  • Devised and implemented various human resource programs to enhance the company’s reputation and ensure amiable relations between employees and upper management.
  • Recommended important changes to other departmental managers regarding organizational policies and procedures.
  • Developed employment and training programs.
  • Planned and managed employees’ salary compensation, promotion, and occasional job evaluation.
  • Designed new compensation policies for employees and modified them as per requirement.

■ Education Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management/ Business Administration/ Political Science/ Psychology
  • Master’s in Human Resource Management/ Business Administration/ Political Science/ Psychology
  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Psychology/Counseling

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