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Jul 31 2017

How to recover data from a broken external hard drive – Solved #recover #files #from #damaged #hard #drive


How to recover data from a broken external hard drive

how can i connect it to interna please

You need to take the hdd out of the external casing and open up your computer and connect the sata data and power cable to the hard drive and it will show up in my computer. If you don’t have any spare data power cables coming from your power supply then you will need to buy a 4x peripheral molex connector to sata adaptor. If you don’t have a spare sata data cable you will need to buy one of those as well. They are not expensive they usually cost about $3

You can easily recover your hard drive.Sometimes hard drive get corrupted due to virus attacks, scratches on the hard drive, formatting/reformatting the hard drive or many such reasons.In such situations the file will not get open easily.Hence by using a good hard drive recovery software,you can easily recover your corrupted data and save the files on you computer back.Hard drive recovery software is a very effective tool and provides complete recovery of corrupted data.For more information you can check the link: .You can easily download the free trial version of the software.

There is nothing to worry about your hard drive data which is broken. Because you can easily recover your hard drive data by using File Recovery Software. This software can recover the files from pen drives, external USB drives, external hard drives, Zip Drives and many more. To know more about the software use this link.
Also you can download the demo version of software here.

alvine yes my ex-harddrive (labtop type) makes noise.
it actually fell on the ground whiles it was in an external case
can it be repaired if yes pls show me how?

alvine yes my ex-harddrive (labtop type) makes noise.
it actually fell on the ground whiles it was in an external case
can it be repaired if yes pls show me how?

Bizzay: Omg! i have the same situation. And i really want to recover my files! Please share if you’ve had any success. tnx

a hard-disk failure occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and the stored information cannot be accessed with a properly configured computer. A disk failure may occur in the course of normal operation, or due to an external factor such as exposure to fire or water or high magnetic waves, or suffering a sharp impact or environmental contamination, which can lead to a head crash.

The most notorious cause of hard-disk failure is a head crash, where the internal read-and-write head of the device touches a platter, or a magnetic data-storage surface. A head crash usually incurs severe data loss, and data recovery attempts may cause further damage if not done by a specialist with proper equipment. Hard-drive platters are coated with an extremely thin layer of non-electrostatic lubricant, so that the read-and-write head will simply glance off the surface of the platter should a collision occur. However, this head hovers mere nanometers from the platter s surface which makes a collision an acknowledged risk. Another cause of failure is a faulty air filter. The air filters on today s hard drives equalize the atmospheric pressure and moisture between the hard-drive enclosure and its outside environment. If the filter fails to capture a dust particle, the particle can land on the platter, causing a head crash if the head happens to sweep over it. After a hard-drive crash, each particle from the damaged platter and head media can cause a bad sector. These, in addition to platter damage, will quickly render a hard drive useless. A hard drive also includes controller electronics, which occasionally fail. In such cases, it may be possible to recover all data.

Don t panic! You could recover your files back by using a drive recovery freeware that has saved all the data of my sister from her inaccessible external drive. It is really efficient and free to use.
Download the freeware:
Important note. You should not save new file on this drive to rewrite the original data.
You should get used to back up your important data regularly in the future.

The advice below is based on just what info you have given in the question and that the USB controller sees a drive and so I m assuming the controller is working.

1) Turn the drive off right now. You have a spinning platter hard drive that was dropped while it was running, you most likely have had a head crash ( if the head is not parked when it was dropped the head will hit the surface of the spinning platter and damage the head and the surface of the disk).

2) IF it is a head crash and I think it is, software will not fix this type of failure but if you want to follow the software path I have had very good luck with Spinrite but you will need to connect the drive internally and not on a USB adapter.

3) You will never have those 3 years again. If it were me I would just not risk anymore damage to the drive and send it to Drive Savers You are going to pay through the nose but they should be able to get the data back.

4) Storage is cheap, if you don t have it saved in two places you don t have a backup. I have four copies of all my wedding photos. DVDs are very cheap too, send copies to the in-laws every year.

5) Hard drives fail, period.

I am facing a similar challenge with my external HD not showing up when connected via the USB to the computer. It normally vibrates few times and stops but the light shows constantly. Few weeks ago, it would show up on PC but data could not be opened, but now it`s not even showing on PC. Any useful tips/advice os how this could be resolved.

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