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May 30 2018

If there’s one thing we do a lot in our homeschool, it’s print. So many of the curriculum components we purchase come with ebook downloads or workbooks to print. Add to that the various bundle sales that pop up and the digital files pile up quickly. While I don’t mind printing them, often it can get tedious to remember what all I still need to print off. My printer had already been getting [Continue reading. ]

We did it! We survived the first week of our new school year. ) Over the last few years one things I’ve learned is easing-in works so much better than trying to start every single subject right off the bat. For us that means keeping it simple with math and grammar. If you haven’t had a chance yet, here’s a peek at what we are using this year at each grade [Continue reading. ]

Now the textbook pile may be looking a little sparse, but I promise it’s not because our oldest is taking a break from anything. This year marks a big turn for Laurianna! As of the end of her sophomore year, Laurianna has earned 20.5 credits toward her diploma. An advanced diploma in our area requires 26 credits and she still has two years to go in school, and this year she will be taking at least [Continue reading. ]

9th Grade Curriculum Choices Credits to earn: 7.5 History: Exploring World History from Notgrass (1 credit) – Laurianna used this a few years ago and we love the layout. We will only be using the history portion of this curriculum for credit. Math: Geometry, Teaching Textbooks (1 credit) Science: Biology from Science Shepherd w/lab (1 [Continue reading. ]

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Check the Archives

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